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• Supporting public safety

• Solving local traffic problems (see newspaper article below)

• Building West Valley's image

• Making government more efficient

• Expanding jobs

• Representing your concerns


• Safer Communities

• Better West Valley Roads (see newspaper article below)

• No Tax Increases

• Stronger Ethics

Ron Bigelow was State Budget Director in the Governor’s office for two years, and represented West Valley City in the Utah House of Representatives for 16 years. He served in House leadership for ten years, with eight years as the House Chair of the budget committee, where he prepared budgets for all of state government. During the recession he balanced the state budget without increasing taxes and reduced spending by $1.3 billion.

Ron has extensive experience in accounting, budgeting, and auditing. His legislative experience helps him understand many government policies and programs. He will bring a fresh perspective to the City Council.

Ron is a graduate of Granger H.S., SLCC, and UofU; and a USAF veteran. He has lived in West Valley City since 1977

During his 16 years as a legislator for West Valley City, Ron Bigelow voted on:
• Over 10,000 bills
• Thousands of amendments
• Thousands of votes in committees

Also during those 16 years Ron Bigelow:
• Was in the house leadership for 10 years
• Served 2 years as House Vice Chair of Executive Appropriations
• Spent 8 years as House Chair of Executive Appropriations (the legislative budget committee for all of state government)

Ron Bigelow also served on several committees like:
• Government Operations
• Higher Education (budget)
• Education (public and higher policies)
• Retirement and Independent Entities
• Transportation
• Executive Offices and Criminal Justice (budget)

For a more indepth look at the bills he voted on, or the committees he served on you can visit www.le.utah.gov.
For a list of Bills he sponsored and co-sponsored click here.

Ron Bigelow makes a celebratory shot
By Laura Seitz
Deseret News
First Published Saturday November 21, 2009

Rep. Ron Bigelow lines up a shot against the Grizzlies mascot during the celebration of the completion of 3500 South corridor in West Valley City on Friday. The $32M project began last November and widened 3500 South to three general purpose travel lanes in each direction, and added two dedicated lanes in the center median for the Utah Transit Authority's first Bus Rapid Transit system in the state.
For the full article click here.

My Public Service History

Utah House of Representatives - 16 years
I served for 16 years in the Utah State House of Representatives., and represented West Valley City during that time. As part of my service, I was in the house leadership for 10 years, 2 as House Vice Chair and 8 as House Chair of Executive Appropriations (the legislative budget committee for all of state government).

These are some of the committees I served on:
Government Operations
Higher Education (budget)
Education (public and higher policies)
Retirement and Independent Entities
Executive Offices and Criminal Justice (budget)

For a more indepth look at committees I served on you can visit www.le.utah.gov

I was recognized by the following organizations:
Friend of the Taxpayer - Utah Taxpayers
Guardian of Small Business - National Federation of Independent Businesses
Champion of Children - NetSmartz
Legislator of the Year - Fraternal Order of Police
Hero on the Hill - Coalition for People with Disabilities

I was also recognized for my work in helping Salt Lake Community College, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Parents Empowered (
view here ).

I served on the Legislative Process and the Budget and Taxation committees of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

I worked extensively on issues related to education, the effective use of taxpayer dollars for government services and the safety of children.

My work in the legislature included voting on more than 10,000 bills, issues, policies and resolutions. I have included a list below of most of the bills that I sponsored or co-sponsored during my service. You can find out more information on each of the bills listed by going to www.le.utah.gov and using the search feature in the upper right hand side. Highlight “Bills” at the top right, enter my name in the box below it, select the year from the drop down box to the right and press “Find.” The list of my bills will show for that year or legislative session. You can open the complete bill file and also see the voting record. You can also search any topic or bill and find out how I voted during 1995 thru 2010.


Fiscal Year 2010 and Fiscal Year 2011 Supplemental Appropriations
Appropriations Adjustments
Kidnapping and Sex Offender Registry Amendments
School Finance Amendments
Reporting to Appropriation Committees
Spending Limits Amendments
Nonlapsing Dedicated Credit Amendments
Budgetary Procedures Act - Fee Amendments
Veterans' Nursing Home Reimbursement Restricted Account


State Agency and Higher Education Base Budget
Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations
Career and Technical Education Amendments
Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
Budgetary Procedures Act Recodification
Capital Improvement Appropriation Modification
State Disaster Recovery Restricted Account Amendments
Distribution of Tobacco Settlement Monies Amendments
Health and Human Services-related Commission, Committee, and Council Amendments
Tourism Marketing Performance Account Amendments
Budgetary Procedures Act Revisions
Legislator Salary Amendments
Health Program Revisions
Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act Amendments

Elected Officials - Restrictions on Lobbying
Campaign and Financial Reporting Requirements Amendments
New Fiscal Year Appropriations Act
Mining Protection Amendments
Drug Offender Reform Act Amendments
Disaster Recovery Fund Funding Modifications
Public Safety Restricted Account Amendments
Joint Resolution Designating May 2009 as Utah Lions Club Eyesight Preservation Month

New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act
Appropriations Adjustments
State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Amendments
School Community Councils
Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative Centers
Charter School Funding Amendments
Sexual Offenses – Definitions
State Accounting and Budgetary Procedures Amendments
Insurance Department - Workers' Compensation Amendments
Restricted Accounts Amendments

Health System Reform
Appropriation for Construction of a Veterans' Nursing Home
Criminal Penalties Amendments - Including Jessica's Law

State Agency and Higher Education Base Budget Appropriations
Funding for Prosecution and Prevention of Child Pornography Offenses
Transportation Study - East-west Corridors in Salt Lake County
New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act
Charter School Amendments
Public Demonstrations At Funerals
Education Fund Conforming Amendments
Applied Technology Education Amendments
Joint Rules Resolution - Appropriation Subcommittees

Penalties for Sexual Offenses and Kidnapping
Penalty for Homicide of a Child

Technical Reallocation of Transportation Funding
Appropriation to Fund New Drivers License Programs
Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act
Appropriation Adjustments
State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Amendments
Prosecution and Prevention of Child Pornography Offenses Amendments
Education Amendments
Joint Rules Resolution - Base Budget Process
Resolution Opposing United States Supreme Court's Pornography Decision

Lobbyist Gift Limits and Disclosure
Parent and Child Amendments
Abortion by a Minor - Parental Notification and Consen

Annual Appropriations Act
Procurement Code Renumbering
Utah College of Applied Technology Amendments
License Plate for Disabled Veterans
Disaster Loan Program
Supplemental Appropriations III
Resolution Urging Congress to Provide Sufficient Funding of Medicaid

Appropriation for Highly Qualified Teachers
School Land Trust Program Funding Amendments

Supplemental Appropriations Act III - Range Creek
Supplemental Appropriations Act
Supplemental Appropriations Act II
Teacher Classifications
Revenue and Taxation - Offenses and Penalties
Disclosure of Higher Education Costs
Disclosure of State Employees' Compensation and Benefits
Resolution of Legislative Support for Music and Other Fine Arts Programs in Public Schools
House Rules Resolution - Access to House Floor

State Spending and Debt Limitations Amendments
Transferability of Credits among Higher Education Institutions

Amendments to Master Bond Act
Appropriations Act
State General Obligation Bond Act
County Responsibility for Voting Precincts and Polling Places
Utah College of Applied Technology Amendments
Retirement Office Amendments
Privatization Policy Board Amendments
Expunging False Criminal Charges for Identity Theft
Budget Reforms
House Rules Resolution - Standing Committee Revision


Budget Reallocation Authority
Repeal of Environmental Quality Coordinating Committee
Retirement of Public Safety Officials
Retirement Law Recodification
Utah Housing Corporation Amendments
Funds Consolidation, Budget Procedures, and Fund Reclassification Amendments
Retirement Office Amendments
Rules Resolution - Committee Notes on Bills
Resolution Calling for Support of the Principles of the Alliance for Unity

Joint Resolution - Rejecting Recommended Salary Increase for Legislators

Applied Technology Education Governance
Independent Entities Act
Retirement Office Amendments
Funding for Classroom Supplies
Lobbyist and Others Limitations on Gift Giving to Legislators
Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments
Surreptitious Administration of a Substance
Independent Entities Exemptions
Retirement of Public Safety Officials
Utah Housing Finance Agency Amendments

Mailing Requirements to State and Political Subdivisions
School District Voted Leeway Amendments
State Loan Commissioners and Loan Authorization Repeal
Repeal of Obsolete Bonding Authorizations and Related Provisions
State Symbol Recodification
Bill of Rights and Constitution Day
Funding for Textbooks
State Institutions Provisions Repeal
Repeal of Dairy Advisory Board

Appropriation for Special Prosecutor and Investigator
Controlled Substances Amendments
Motor Vehicle Uniform Fees
School Safety Programs
Classroom Supplies
Incentives for Elementary Reading Performance

Individual Income Tax - Estimated Tax Payments and Use of Revenuesfor Education Uniform Data Collection Within the State's Public Education System
Dixie College Name Change
Resolution Urging Federal Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Life of the Unborn

Funding Classroom Supplies
Incentive for Elementary Reading Performance Improvement

Child Literacy Programs Public
Education Foundation Amendments
Driver License Fees
Quality Growth Act of 1999
Disclosure of Olympic-related Transactions
Lobbying Practices Resolution
Applied Technology Education Amendments

Funding Classroom Supplies
Trade or Business Names
Transit District Authority
Stabilizing School District Boundaries
Resolution Supporting Resources for Affordable Housing
Resolution Supporting Uniform Building Code Commission

Computers for Public Schools Pilot Program
Juvenile Court Hearings and Records
Traffic Safety Task Force
Grandparents Visitation Rights
Class Size Reduction in Grades 7-8
Annual Salary Adjustment for Deaf and Blind Schools Employees
Professional Development Programs for Educators Resolution
Resolution on the Family
Controlled Substances Precursor Amendments
Enforcement Authority for Drug Lab and Precursor Acts
Educational Technology Initiative Amendments

Transit District Authority
Appropriation for Classroom Supplies
Resolution Amending Property Tax Valuation

Children and Youth at Risk Amendments
Joint Liaison Committee Amendments
Prison Inmate Education Amendments
Transportation of Students by School Districts
Planning And Zoning - Subdivision Plats

Education Appropriations

Revenue and Taxation Labor Insurance
Education Appropriations

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