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Ronís Vision for West Valley City:

• Improving Public Safety by hiring more police officers and creating a pool of trainees for future hires resulting in faster response times and more follow up on investigations

• Maintaining Clean and Inviting Neighborhoods by adding green space, creating neighborhood trails and reducing congestion on streets by reallocating funds and generating donations

• Paying off debt and creating Sustainable Budgets to reduce the need for increasing taxes

• Continuing Economic Development to strengthen the tax base and create more shopping, entertainment and dining opportunities

• Increasing Public Input at meetings, on the city website and all other opportunities

Ron has taken a major leading role in the following issues for our city:

Making Public Safety our number one issue

Opposing the Homeless Shelter being built in West Valley City, while supporting efforts for reasonable and rational help and assistance to the homeless

Adding Neighborhood Trails with existing infrastructure and city-owned land without increasing taxes or diverting funds from other needs

Expanding Art, Culture and Concerts for everyone through donations not taxes

Supporting a sensible business approach to growing UTOPIA (city fiber optic network), while opposing additional debt or financial obligations

Listening to your concerns using community meetings, neighborhood groups, and a monthly “Meet the Mayor” open door time

Voting against additional Property Taxes and against more city Debt


Supporting efforts to make the Police Department a national accredited organization with the highest standards and performance in Utah

Pushing for continued growth in Economic Development

Leading a statewide effort to build a Veterans Memorial Hall to honor all Utah veterans, especially those from World War II, through support and contributions from across the state


Clearly, there are many other issues that impact the lives of everyone in our city. I will continue to bring an experienced and professional approach to improving city services. For more detailed information on the issues click here.

While serving as mayor of West Valley City Ron has represent the city by serving on the following committees or organizations

Jordan River Commission

Wasatch Front Regional Council

Regional Growth Commission

Envision Utah

Conference of Mayors


Council of Governments

City Audit Committee

Valley West Rotary

ChamberWest Board of Governors

Legislative Affairs Committee of the League of Cities and Towns

My open door policy and meeting with individuals and groups from across the city helps me to represent your concerns about many city issues.

Ron Bigelow was State Budget Director in the Governor’s office for two years, and represented West Valley City in the Utah House of Representatives for 16 years. He served in House leadership for ten years, with eight years as the House Chair of the budget committee, where he prepared budgets for all of state government. During the recession he balanced the state budget without increasing taxes and reduced spending by $1.3 billion.

Ron has extensive experience in accounting, budgeting, and auditing. His legislative experience helps him understand many government policies and programs. He will bring a fresh perspective to the City Council.

“I’ve already visited with thousands of you at your homes. I will continue visiting your homes so I can talk to as many of you as I can. I appreciate your comments about the concerns you have so I can better represent you as mayor.”

"With your support and your vote, I will work for practical, common sense solutions to the problems facing our city. We must insure that we have a fully open and transparent government."
- Ron Bigelow

Here is a brief background on Ron Bigelow

• Mayor of West Valley City

• State Budget Director - 2 years

• Utah House of Representatives for West Valley City - 16 years

• Financial manager for a local charitable organization – 28 years

• Certified Public Accountant

• Small business owner

• Veteran - United States Air Force

• Graduated Granger High School, Salt Lake Community College, University of Utah

• Has lived in West Valley since 1977

For Ron Bigelow's public service history click here.

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Vote for Ron Bigelow
on the mail-in ballot or
Tuesday, November 7.

Feel free to contact Ron Bigelow with comments or questions.

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